Frequently asked questions


Q.  How do I get to Chicken Alaska, is airfare included with my trip?
A.  Upon booking your trip we will send you a confirmation letter confirming your trip and dates along with meeting dates and times.  You will have to purchase airline tickets to Fairbanks, Alaska.  Normally we meet our guests at the LaQuinta located just a couple miles from the Airport.  LaQuinta offers a free shuttle service to and from the Airport.  If you are coming in early or staying in Fairbanks for additional days after your trip we have worked out a special rate with them for our guests.

Q.  What will I need to bring with me on my trip?
A.  A trip checklist is sent out with all guests Welcome Packets. Please contact us if you would like a copy beforehand.

Q.  How far is it from Fairbanks to GFP camp?
A.  The distance from Fairbanks to Chicken is 285 miles.  It is a very scenic drive and we will make a few stops along the way (gift shop, convenience stores, Fred Meyers, Lunch).  Once we arrive in Chicken you will have a 17 mile jet boat or hovercraft ride down river to our camp.

Q.  We are driving up to Alaska can we meet you in Chicken?
A.  Yes.  We also offer a discount for guests who are willing to meet us in Chicken.

Q.  Is there a Charter service in between Fairbanks and Chicken so we don't have to make the drive?
A.  Yes.  Contact Tok air service out of Tok Alaska for details on their flights between Fairbanks and Chicken.  (907)322-2903  We offer a discount for those guests that fly into Chicken.

Q.  Can I bring a Firearm with me on my trip?
A.  Yes.  Check with your airline for regulations.

Q.  Are bears a problem at the camp?
A.  No.  There has never been a guest at our camp threatened or in danger of  a bear attack.  There have been curious bears that come around camp but usually run away when spotted.  With that said it is the Alaskan wilderness and all precautions should be taken, safety of our guests is our number one priority.  We do have bear spray available for guests that what to venture out away from camp and we will discuss basic bear safety with everyone upon arrival.

Q.  Is there phone service at camp?
A.  No.  We do have limited wireless internet. This is good to touch base with family but we do not have the capability to stream movies or ‘surf’ the internet.


If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.