You will be living just as the old-timers did in the 1800s. Accommodations are primitive and outhouses are the norm. Down river, you will be assigned a wall tent or small hooch, with two people per tent/hooch. Couples will be setup in semi-private tents/hooch. Filtered water will be supplied, hot showers are available in camp, along with a wood fired sauna.

We will always have hot coffee and hot water for tea. Iced tea and lemonade will also be available. We will feed you a warm breakfast (eggs, toast, bacon, hot cereal etc.). Lunch will usually be bagged with a variety of sandwiches, chips, fruit, etc. Dinner will consist of a variety of different items, Steak Night, Pasta Night, burgers and beans, etc.

You have my promise that you will not go hungry. In the middle of the Alaskan Bush, we pride ourselves on quality food! If you have a special diet, please let us know well in advance so we can try to accommodate your needs. Specialty items (soda pop, candy bars, alcoholic beverages, etc.) can be purchased for yourself prior to going down river.