You will be living just as the old-timers did in the 1800s with comfortable modern day upgrades and outhouses as the norm. Down river, you will be assigned a hooch, with two people per hooch and propane heater. Filtered water will be supplied, hot showers are available in camp, along with a wood fired sauna. A washer is available on sight and clothes are hung to dry in the clean crisp air!

We will always have hot coffee and hot water for tea. Iced tea, lemonade and more will be available everyday. We will feed you a warm breakfast (eggs, toast, bacon, hot cereal etc.) every morning and lunch will be made by guests before venturing out for the day, with a variety of sandwiches, chips, fruit, etc. Dinner will consist of a variety of different meals. We make everything from Ribs, Pulled Pork and Fried Tacos, to possibly Moose and Caribou if one wonders into camp! We use the GMG Smoker and pride ourselves on tasty, filling meals daily!

You have our promise that you will not go hungry. In the middle of the Alaskan Bush, we pride ourselves on quality food! Due to the remote location of camp and the intimate size of the groups, not all diets can be accommodated. PLEASE call before booking to discuss any and all dietary needs.

Specialty items (soda, candy bars, alcoholic beverages, etc.) can be purchased for yourself prior to going down river. We have a fully stocked snack pantry, but guests are free to bring up their own as well. We will stop at the grocery store and liquor store on our journey from Fairbanks to Chicken. It is not necessary to buy your own unless you want something specific.